Al-Yousifi Enterprise Solutions (Y.E.S)

Since 1993, Al-Yousifi Enterprise Solutions has provided a full range of services in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing fields to many prestigious developments within Kuwait. Whether it’s public or private projects, YES aims to ensure exceptional value for money, offer extensive safety measures, impeccable service and flawless design. We are leaders in maintenance and design, and we adopt the best software’s available in the field, (Primavera, Beam, Auto CAD 2D and 3D, etc.). Through our multi-disciplinary and integrated approach to the installation of building services on both new and refurbished projects aim to guarantee the highest possible standards. This in turn has led us to become the official distributor to many globally recognized brands in different sectors we operate in, such as YORK Air conditioning (Johnson Controls International, US), Lenovo, Panasonic and many others.

Nowadays, the Engineering division is divided into several operating departments:

  1. MEP
    1. Electromechanical
    2. HVAC
    3. Plumbing
    4. Fire Fighting

We pride ourselves in leading the market through our innovative designs, concepts and exceptional maintenance services. This is supported by our ability to adopt and implement the best software in the industry (Primavera, Beam, Auto CAD 2D and 3D). Our highly skilled engineers and technicians are trained to offer the best solutions, throughout the entire project scope – from the designing phase, installation, testing and commissioning.

We are committed to providing the highest quality; as such, we endeavor to provide continuous in-house and manufacturers training, in order to continuously increase our expertise and quality of our valued engineering staff. This is supported by our ability to keep our engineers and technicians up-to date with the latest technology the field has to offer, in order to ensure efficiency and 100% customer satisfaction.


Through many years of experience, we have provided our customers with the most suitable air-conditioning and heating technologies based on their designs and requirements. Our sales engineers are well trained to apply a heat load calculation study to any different type of constructions design, and to co-operate with our designs and installation engineers. Safety and customer satisfaction cover a key role in our organization. We are ISO 19001, 12001, 18001 certified.

Office Automation:

Office Automation Department offers the most updated solutions to help increase operational efficiency, providing quick access to critical data, real-time and contributing the overall increase in productivity, reliability, at the lowest running cost. We are the dealers of EPSON, Panasonic, and Samsung, among many other brands.

IT Enterprise Solutions:

IT corporate solutions specializes in Enterprise customers solutions. We are the Lenovo Think PCG solutions partner in Kuwait. We handle the sales and aftersales services of this brand to corporations, governmental sectors, and the educational sector. Additionally, YES adds to its portfolio of products and services a complete, end to end, IT-related infrastructure to various businesses and enterprises. We are the official dealers of LENOVO.

Lighting & Smart Home:

Our dealings with many international companies enables us to provide our customers with a wide range of lighting & smart building solutions. Our main objective is satisfy all customers – individuals, wholesalers, and project representatives – by proving them with a hassle-free customer-friendly shopping experience, accessible technical know-how, and all home automation design. We are the official dealer of Fumagalli, Panasonic, Novalite, Midea, Marco, Decoro, Kistenmacher, and Tenby. We are specialized in indoor/and outdoor, and guarantee a wide range of wiring accessories.

Low Voltage & PBX:

Our qualified engineers are able to offer customers with a wide range of enterprises/ residential low voltage solutions that meet their requirements in terms of the following systems:

  1. Technology Systems
  2. Video Intercom Solutions
  3. Clock Systems
  4. Data Active Networking
  5. CCTV System
  6. Building Automation System
  7. Physical Security


YES aims to lead when it comes to the supply, installation, and maintenance of elevators and escalators for any type of residential and commercial buildings. We partner with some of the most respected and well-known companies to deliver bespoke elevators and employ qualified designers to provide sophisticated designs. We are the official dealers of STADE.

Ducts Factory:

Our factory has invested in the most advanced technologies (CAD Cam, Plasma cutting machines, and several CNC stations) and trainings of specialized technicians to offer the highest level of quality and efficiency in GI Ducts, Pre insulated Ducts, Grills and Diffusers..

Maintenance Department:

With years of experience in providing maintenance services, we offer an exceptionally wide range of maintenance options for our brands, in order to meet our customer’s needs. Our team of qualified engineers and technicians are always updated with the latest technologies in the field to keep our reputation and our customer’s satisfaction at the highest level possible.