Our engineering services group has built a highly sophisticated central workshop and warehouse at Amghara. The workshop has 3 floors covering 15,220 sqm of fabrication space to yield 16 tons of productions per day. It is equipped with the following facilities:


  • CNC Plasma profile cutter.
  • Auto folder.
  • Cutting & shearing machine.
  • Sheet bender.
  • Heavy duty bending machine.
  • Grooving machine.
  • Round elbow machine..
  • Lock former.
  • CNC cutter for pre-insulated ducts.
  • Pre insulated sheet bender.
  • Shearing machine for pre-insulated ducts.
  • Canvas connector manufacturing unit.
  • Auto folder ducting machine & lock former.
  • Fully automatic multi-purpose duct fabrication machine.

We have built the largest, most advanced manufacturing facility in Kuwait to provide end to end solutions and customised products to customers who want the reassurance of a totally self-reliant vendor


G.I. Steel duct production 300 Metric Tons per month.
Pre-insulated duct production 8,000 Sqm per month.
Production of Grilles & Diffusers 13,000 units per month.
Production of re-usable filters 6,000 units per month.
Total staff in workshop Dept. 50+


Our factory has invested in the most advanced technologies (CAD Cam, Plasma cutting machines, and several CNC stations) and in the training of specialized technicians to offer the highest level of quality and efficiency in GI Ducts, Pre insulated Ducts, Grills and Diffusers. We are fully equipped for high volume production of:

  • Grilles and registers.
  • Linear bar grilles.
  • Door grilles.
  • Ceiling diffusers.
  • Linear slot diffusers.
  • Round ceiling diffusers.
  • Jet diffusers.
  • Louvres.
  • Access doors.
  • Volume control dampers.