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IT corporate solutions specializes in Enterprise customers solutions. We are Lenovo Think PCG solutions partner in Kuwait. We also handle sales and aftersales services of this brand to corporations, governmental sectors, education all sectors, etc. Beside IT, YES adds to its portfolio of products and services a complete, end to end, IT-related infrastructure to various businesses. We are LENOVO dealers for business to business.

IT Products & Services

  • We offer both wired and wireless networks with fibre optic / copper cable.
  • Data centre & structured cabling.
  • Servers, storage, switches, firewalls.
  • Networking and infrastructure managed services (Data centre, network, infrastructure).
  • Server room design & construction.
  • IT Infrastructure design & implementation from concept to deployment.
  • On site engineering services & maintenance services.
  • Disaster recovery and backup services.
  • Software consultancy

Enterprise Level Hardware

  • Lenovo, IBM servers (Rack, Tower, Blade, Flex).
  • Storage – NAS, SAN, tape libraries (Lenovo, IBM, Synology).
  • Lenovo PCs and all in ones – Think Center M Series Tower, SSF.
  • Lenovo laptops and tablets (Think Pad E,L,T,X,X1 Carbon and Yoga Series).
  • Lenovo – Think Stations.
  • Lenovo PCs, laptops, components and accessories.
  • Server accessories and components.
  • Networking – Lenovo.

Product Gallery

YES IT Corproate Solutions

General Purpose System X Think Server

Most common rack & tower servers suitable for majority of workloads

YES IT Corproate Solutions

Blades / Converged Flex System

Easily managed integration of compute, storage and networking

YES IT Corproate Solutions

Dense NeXtScale

Space optimized with extreme performance and energy efficiency

YES IT Corproate Solutions

Archive Tape Drive Autoloader, Library

Low-cost long-term retention or infrequent access

YES IT Corproate Solutions

DAS ThinkServer SA 120

Capacity expansion for one server or Software Defined Storage

YES IT Corproate Solutions


Many servers requiring performance and central management

Products & Benefits

YES IT Corproate Solutions
YES IT Corproate Solutions
YES IT Corproate Solutions

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